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Many of you know that I’ve been planning this Native American stylized shoot for a few weeks now. I put out a model search on Facebook and got a ton of replies and was lucky enough to find the perfect model!

Meet Oli – she’s a young woman of Native American heritage and a member of the Osage tribe. Oli is active in the tribe and regularly attends powwows. Not only is Oli truly stunningly beautiful, but she’s also a very sweet girl. For this shoot, Oli is wearing a buckskin dress that took her mother over a year to make by hand! I hope that my photos accurately display the exquisite beauty and detail of the dress – it is truly amazing.

I did my first ever stylized shoot last week and I fell. in. love. I had the honor of working with the talented Torey Byrne. This young lady has some major talent, and I have no doubt that she’s definitely going to be famous one day (look her up on IMDB!). My theme for this shoot was vintage fun. Torey is so natural in front of the camera and always has a good time. Some of my favorite photos are the more whimsey ones. I must warn you, there’s going to be a ton of pictures – hopefully your internet connection isn’t as slow as mine (: