This was one of my favorite shoots this Spring! I shot Cristi’s daughter’s senior pictures a couple years ago and when she asked me to do some photos for her and her husband I was thrilled! Not only is this couple absolutely adorable but they just radiate love. You can’t spend 5 minutes with these two without being able to tell that they are completely in love. But I’ll quit jabbering and let the photos speak for me.

Well with just two short weeks before baby boy is due, I hadn’t really planned on doing any shoots, but this photographer just can’t seem to put her camera down! Pretty soon I’ll have a little man to photograph any time the urge hits, but for now, I’m lucky to have some really pretty friends who will come out and play with me when I feel like shooting. When I do these just-for-fun shoots, I really like to focus on trying fun new things that might be cool for senior pictures. Vanessa brought out a banjo, a gorgeous anthro hat, a hippy headband and a really cute dress. Ah, the perfect storm <3 Vanessa is my friend Andrea‘s sister and she’s also a photographer with Brenda Horan Photography here in town. Brenda shoots mostly in studio and does an ammmmmmmmmazing job with newborns. Brenda & Vanessa will be doing newborn pictures for baby boy!! <3 <3 Eeeek! So excited.

Spring is almost here!!! I love every season. I think winter is beautiful. It’s a huge blessing to get to experience the fullness of all 4 seasons here in Oklahoma. I don’t know what I’d do if I lived somewhere where it never snowed. But I have to be honest, by now I’m over winter and looking forward to the beauty of Spring! Despite the fact that there’s not much green around here yet, I was getting antsy to start shooting again, so I asked my friend Jessica to come out yesterday for a fun stylized shoot. The weather was absolutely beautiful (over 80 degrees!). We went with a ‘Boho Chic’ theme with an emphasis on simplicity, beauty and femininity.  I love to do these stylized shoots to help me stay creative and continue to have fun with photography. I also love that they can be great inspiration for seniors looking to add some fun to their senior pictures!